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Gregory Louis

Meet Coach Gregory Louis. The co-founder and CEO of Soccer Kickers.

Gregory Louis is a husband and a father. Gregory is a former professional soccer player who is an early childhood educator. Coach Gregory  is a student at University of Michigan (U of M) seeking a BS and MS in computer science/information system with a focus on software development and data sciences.

He was born and raised in Haiti and later moved to the Dominican Republic (DR) where he learned Spanish, his third language. He later learned English, his fourth language when he moved to the US. He learned a lot of it while playing soccer in San Diego.

Coach Gregory has a rich soccer background that started at the age of 3. He started at Ana-foot Soccer Academy in Haiti, later on he was recruited to play for the Haitian National Team: U-17. He played professionally for the top Haitian Team in Division I: FICA. He also was the captain of a team in the Dominican Republic. When he moved to the US, he attended Mesa College where he played for the Men’s Soccer Team CCAA (California Collegiate Athletic Association). He later, was recruited by the former England and Newcastle player who is now a Fox Sports anchor: Warren Barton to play and compete in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League) for the semi- professional team, San Diego Flash. Throughout his career, he has mentored as well as coached children in soccer. His last position was as a coach in California where he taught children ages 2-12.

When he does not play and coach soccer, coach Gregory’s other passion is coding. He is the man behind the scene who codes in order to update our Soccer Kickers website. As his wife, I like to call him the “computer doctor” and believes he can “resuscitate” back to life any computer by fixing any hardware or software computer issue. Gregory studied Computer Repair and Support in the DR. He later worked in San Diego as a Quality Assurance Tester for EMN8 where he tested and debugged/wrote computer codes for Burger King and Jack in the Box kiosks menus in French and English. He also translated and proofread and edited French Menus for customers in France.

“I really enjoyed working with children and passing on my love of soccer to them.
That passion and love drove me to come up with Soccer Kickers for little ones after noticing a shortage of physical activities in Michigan, in particular soccer for children ages 8 and under. Our program factors in the developmental stage of each child to keep them physically active, live a fit and healthy life and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN!! I hope this program inspires every single parent in our community to join us with their little ones and for their children to fall in love with soccer. Together we can have a blast as we continue to be amazed about our children’s daily discoveries.” Coach Gregory

Godelièvre Louis

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, raised in France, Coach Godelièvre speaks four different languages (Lingala, French, Spanish and English).

Coach Godelièvre is a wife, a mother of two beautiful young daughters and a medical school student at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Godelievre earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and a Spanish Citation from Harvard University in 2009. Coach Godelièvre has been working with children for a long time. She worked as a Children’s activity coordinator at the AIDS Service of Dallas, creating activities for children ages 2-18. She later worked at Southwest Key Programs where she provided direct care supervision for Spanish and French speaking undocumented youths residing in shelter per state and federal requirements. She also worked for UCSD/SDSU University of California and San Diego State University at the Cancer Center Comprehensive Partnership and most recently at SDSU in the department of Psychology as a staff.

“My love of sports started in France watching soccer games and continued in school where I ran track, played volleyball and basketball. But my love of soccer grew when I met my husband Gregory, and I would cheer him on as he played. We now play and coach as a family”
Coach Godelièvre co-owner of Soccer.

 Coach Matthew Todd

"I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Go Bucks! I recently relocated to East Lansing to be with my fiancee, who was accepted into the Veterinary program at MSU. I attended Hanover College in Southern Indiana and received a Bachelors Degree in History and Secondary Education. Before moving Michigan I coached High School soccer, as well as worked with younger children for a few years at Camp Wyandot in Dublin, OH. I have played soccer since the first grade. I started out playing as a striker but in high school I was moved to defense and I have loved that ever since. Some of my best memories are hanging out with my travel soccer teammates from high school during tournaments. For example, once we decided to push all the buttons on the elevator in the hotel and right when we got off a man and his wife got on and he looked at all the buttons lite up and looked back at us and said "why you kids gotta do this?" For some reason I still find that funny, even though I would have been annoyed if I were him. My favorite color, even though I am a Buckeye fan, is Green. Looks like I have a conflict of interest now. My favorite food is Hawaiian Pizza. Yes, pineapples do go on pizza! Some of my hobbies outside of soccer are playing video games, watching movies (I am a huge MARVEL fan), and hanging out with friends. A fun fact about myself is that I am a huge Liverpool fan and I was able to watch one of their games when they traveled to St. Louis a few summers ago; but, it is my dream to go watch them plat at Anfield one day. Another fun fact is that I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in Ireland. If anyone is a Star Wars fan, I saw the library at Trinity College, which was the model for the Archives in Clone Wars! Working with Soccer Kickers is an amazing way for me to stay involved in soccer and the community and help me share my love for soccer with your kids! "

 Coach Shikha

"I was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta but my hometown is London, Ontario! From a young age I have always been interested in "saving animals" which led to me getting a biology degree from the University of Western Ontario, and my masters and doctoral degrees from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University.  Currently, I am an invasive species biologist, spending a lot of time splashing in the river and hiking in parks to look for invasive plants and animals.

I have played soccer since the age of eight (my dad was my first coach!) and played throughout highschool.  I took a break and jumped right back into playing intramural soccer during my graduate studies.  My favourite position is defence, but for the past three years have been working on transitioning to playing forward for both my indoor and outdoor teams. I also enjoy running (just coming off of a running injury) and watching hockey.

My favourite colour is blue (specifically Toronto Maple Leafs blue) and some of my favourite foods are samosas, rus malai, nanaimo bars and cheesecake!  When I am not eating, my hobbies include taking pictures of plants and animals, cooking and watching nature documentaries. A few fun facts about me include that I travelled to Siberia for a study abroad program, elephants and dogs are my favourite animals, and cardamom is my favourite spice. I am really looking forward to working with the talented staff of Soccer Kickers, parents/guardians,  and most importantly our junior soccer players!'

Coach Ayda Sadat Alavi

“ I'm a Lansing native born and raised. I did my undergraduate studies at Michigan State University in neuroscience and women's health. I decided I wanted to continue to bleed green on the banks of the Red Cedar and stayed at MSU to get my medical degree. I'm about to enter my 4th and final year in medical school and hope to pursue a career in pediatrics so I can live out my dream of working with kids the rest of my life!

I started playing soccer when I was 6 years old and played up until high school, when I came to the realization that track was where I belonged and ran 4 years as a sprint/mid distance runner. My favorite position in soccer has always been offense because nothing is better than the feeling after scoring a goal.

My favorite food is anything spicy and my favorite color is pink.

My hobbies include avoiding my studies by spending time outside rollerblading, biking or lifting. If we are ever lucky to have the sun out in Michigan, then I can assure you I'm outside too. I love playing beach volleyball in the summer, tennis, paddle boarding, attempting yoga headstands, and exploring parks and trails locally and around Michigan.

A fun fact about me: I am obsessed with Disney princesses but I can't decide which one is my favorite.

I was an assistant soccer coach to elementary school girls in high school and have been an assistant track coach at Okemos high school for the past few years. I love working with kids in sports and just being active and running around with them. I love the energy that kids have and I'm super excited to be a part of the Soccer Kickers community! “

Coach/Program Coordinator Kristen Squiers

"My name is Kristen Squiers. I studied at Central Michigan University to earn my Bachelor of Science in early childhood development and learning with a minor in child psychology. I was born and raised in Okemos, MI as the oldest of three siblings; one brother and one sister. Before my days at CMU, I attended and graduated from Okemos High School, where I was very active in sports, musicals and a club called “Kids In A.C.T.I.O.N.!” My passion for working with children developed over the eight years that I volunteered as a camp counselor for Vacation Bible School at the People’s Church of East Lansing. I worked for both the elementary program and the preschool program.”
Through Soccer Kickers, I hope to create close relationships with all of the children and gain their trust as a coach. I’m also looking forward to meeting and making connections with the families of every child.
I have been playing soccer for 25 years, through high school and college as well as recreational leagues post college graduation.
My favorite position is defensive mid./left wing back. My favorite color is Blue! My Favorite food is Ice Cream!”

Coach Jager Haan

I grew up in Northern Michigan in the little town of McBain, one of the smallest cities in the state. I did my undergraduate studies at Hope College in Holland, MI getting my degree in Biology and Theology. Last year I made the exciting move to Lansing to pursue my medical education at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. I have just begun my 2nd year of medical school with continued eagerness to see where my career takes me.

I grew up playing soccer starting when I was 5 years old and through my first year of college. Where I left off playing soccer I ran track for the rest of my collegiate career. Being from a small town I played many other sports such as baseball, basketball, and golf. My favorite position in soccer is midfield because I love to play the whole field.

My favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is green.

My hobbies include hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or anything that involves the water. If it’s a nice day and I’m not studying you can guarantee ill be outside. However, on a rainy day I love to settle in for a movie marathon or cook a good meal.

A fun fact about me is that I may have went to the smallest high school you’ve ever heard of graduating with a class of only 18 students.

I have helped coach soccer ever since I was in high school and it is one of my favorite things. I love teaching kids the sport that I love and giving them a chance to be active and just to have fun! I am excited by the opportunity to work with Soccer Kickers alongside your kids and experience the joy they bring to the sport!

Coach Rachel

It’s important to know who your coaches are. Meet coach Rachel!

“I was born and raised in Michigan and went to the University of Michigan for my undergraduate degree. I am currently a fourth year medical student at Michigan State University, and I am really excited to continue my training to become a pediatrician following medical school.

I started playing soccer when I was 3 years old. I played all throughout my childhood. In high school I played both Varsity soccer and Club, in addition to swimming and participating in the marching band. I typically played defense, but on occasion would play offense. Throughout college I played intramural soccer.

My favorite food is probably chocolate in any form, and my favorite color is blue.

Medical school keeps me very busy, but when I am free I like to do yoga, exercise, go out to eat and visit my family and friends.

Before medical school I lived in Spain and worked as a nanny for 3 months. I have a dog named Mickey, named after Mickey Mouse.

I am really excited to work with Soccer Kickers! Youth soccer is an awesome opportunity for children to stay active, build social skills, and develop skills in a game that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Soccer Kickers does an awesome job providing these opportunities to kids in the community, and really shows that there is no age too young to get started playing soccer!

I have had the opportunity to work with children a lot throughout my life. In high school, I began by working as a lifeguard and teaching swim lessons to young children. In college, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a summer camp counselor for Camp Kesem, a student run group that provides free summer camp for children affected by a parent's cancer. During medical school, in addition to my clinical experiences in”

Danielle Chirdon

I am a third year law student at Michigan State University College of Law originally from Newark, Ohio. I received my undergraduate degree from Marietta College where I played on the women's soccer team for four years and started at left back my senior year. I have played soccer since I was eight years old and currently play on an intermural team. My favorite food is soft pretzels and my favorite color is green. When I'm not studying, I like running outdoors and spending time with friends and family. Two fun facts about me are that when I studied abroad I got to play soccer with people all over Europe and my mom is from Finland so we speak English and Finnish in my house. Soccer Kickers is a way for me to get involved with the local community and share my passion for soccer and sports. I think it’s important to create opportunities for kids to be active and have fun. WhenI was in high school, I babysat for my neighbors and have experience running basketball camps for 5th- 8th grade children."

Ashley Solo

I am currently a lawyer. I  studied at Michigan State University Law Scool. This summer, I worked for the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General. I received my undergraduate degree from Penn State Behrend and studied Political Science. I also played collegiate volleyball and served as a captain. In 2012, we made it to the NCAA tournament. I was named to the AMCC All-Academic team four times. In our free time, my team and I participated in the TOPS Soccer program. Each college athlete was paired with a young child from the area who had either a mental or physical disability and we would play soccer and other games with him or her once a week. I also coached Junior Olympic volleyball for a year for a team of 12 and 13-year-old boys and girls. Over the years I have coached numerous volleyball camps and at one camp was named “Counselor of the Camp.” In high school, I was on both the Varsity Volleyball and Cheerleading team.

My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is any pasta dish. In my free time, I like to workout and play with my cat.
Two fun facts. 1) I met President Bill Clinton and 2) I competed in the Miss Erie Pageant as part of the Miss America Circuit and raised over $150 for the Children’s Miracle Network.  I served as a nanny for three summers and have babysat many children throughout the years. I love working with kids. Now that I am in law school I am not able to interact with kids as much as I used to, so Soccer Kickers gives me an opportunity to spend time with children. In addition to coaching, I have also spent a lot of time volunteering with children in various capacities. I volunteered with a Domestic Violence Shelter in the playroom and really enjoyed my time with the kids. In high school, I was part of my school’s Preschool Department and taught children through the program. In college, I took a Human Development Course and learned a lot. I think it is important for children to get involved with sports and other extra-curricular at a young age, and I am excited to be part of that experience! "

 Nicholas Brule

I was born in Berkeley, California but grew up in the Upper Peninsula or Michigan in Iron Mountain. I attended Grinnell College for undergrad and majored in Biological Chemistry. 
I am currently an M3 at MSU College Human of Medicine. 
I have played soccer since I was six years old. I played competitively starting at age 10 and continued to play competitively through college. I played forward and midfield. I also played ice hockey for 14 years. 
My favorite food is pizza and my favorite color is red. 
In my free time I enjoy playing racquetball and weight lifting. I also enjoy spending time with friends. 
I have a dog named Rooney (after Wayne Rooney) and I like to wear funky socks. 
Soccer has intertwined with my life for a very long time and has had a positive influence on me. I am excited by the opportunity to share my passion with children as they begin to experience the game. I am hoping I will be able to help them find joy in soccer. 
I have coached youth soccer teams previously in my hometown and college town. I found those experiences very enjoyable.

 Kaitlin Herdman

I grew up in rural Michigan, a small town called Unionville in the thumb area. I obtained a bachelor's degree at Saginaw Valley State University, and am now in my third year of medical school at Michigan State University. I've always been a very active person. I did play soccer while in middle school, but not formally since that time. It wasn't very competitive, so I didn't have an exact position, but I did like playing the game! I also played basketball through my senior year of high school. My favorite color is purple! And my favorite food is anything that contains chocolate. In my free time, I enjoy running, reading, and exploring new places! I also really like to go hiking in the summer. Two fun facts about me: I ran my first half-marathon last year, and would like to keep training for a full marathon; I LOVE to bake! As a medical student, I really want to get involved and be able to give back to the Lansing community. Soccer kickers seems like a fun and active way to make an impact on the lives of the children of Lansing! In the past, I have been a co-coach for Girls on the Run, a 5K training program that uses a self-esteem building curriculum combined with physical activity to change the lives of 3-5th grade girls. I also helped supervise in a kindergarten classroom for one hour per day during high school.”

Coach Alcides

I am originally from Havana, Cuba, but I've been living in Michigan for over 4 years. I also lived in Florida for a couple of years before moving up North. I am a second year PhD student in Neuroscience at U of M where I study epilepsy, among other topics. I've been playing soccer since middle school always as a defender or a defensive midfielder. My favorite food are sandwiches (any sandwich), which is a fancier way of saying I love bread. My favorite color is green, and I like reading and playing music in my free time. Two fun facts about me: I am a Liverpool FC fan, and I have a dog named Napoleon. My work with children goes back to Cuba where in 2009 I helped in coordinating and opening a Community Art Studio in a very low income neighborhood. Kids of all ages used this space to paint, make sculptures, learn art history, and overall have fun. After that I've mostly taught science to kids. I've worked with the Girl Scouts, some Elementary and Middle schools in Florida, and more recently I helped judging during the Science fair at Forsythe Middle School in Ann Arbor. Working with children is a unique opportunity that I believe can bring out the best in any person. It is not only about exposing them to sports, art, or science, but to teach them good values such as honesty, teamwork, and courage. All of it always being done through cultivating their unique character, and encouraging their individual strengths.