We want every single child to have the most fun!

Soccer Kickers is a program that is based on the developmental of children ages 2-12. REGISTER FOR SPRING 2022

Our Mission:

  •  Introduce basic concepts of soccer such as passing, dribbling, and juggling.
  •  Create a positive and fun environment to help improve children’s motor skills, social skills and most importantly have fun!
  • Help children stay physically active in order to live fit and healthy lives.
  • Benefiting from the skills and experience of our former professional soccer player, the kids at Soccer Kickers learn fundamental soccer skills through fun games.

Our Classes:

  • Classes are taught by a former professional soccer player and some wonderful coaches. 
  • Classes can occur inside and outside of medium or large classrooms, lunchrooms, outdoor playgrounds, parks and soccer fields.
  • Note: Parent participation is welcomed, but not required.  Just come with a bottle of water, camera or a phone to take pictures and watch your child making new friends while learning fundamental soccer skills through fun games.

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Our Curriculum:

Our emergent curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. Our goal is to help children not only in soccer but also in other social environments.  We help children in building self-confidence and also learn the importance of individual work and teamwork.

We are Bilingual:

Our sessions are taught in English. But they can also be taught in French upon request. No French is required just desire for your children to speak it.

We want every single child to have the most fun!