We want every single child to have the most fun!

Soccer Kickers is a program that is based on the developmental of children ages 2-12.

Fall Season   7 weeks

09/14/2019- 10/26/2019

Our mission:

  •  Introduce basic concepts of soccer such as passing, dribbling, and juggling.
  •  Create a positive and fun environment to help improve children’s motor skills, social skills and most importantly have fun!
  • Help children stay physically active in order to live fit and healthy lives.

We have a curriculum that's prepared by an LCC Early Childhood educator and former professional soccer player. Our activities are designed with an educational purpose to assist children in learning skills as they play fun games.

Our Programs

  • Level I   Beginner: Ages 2-3
  • Level II Intermediate: Ages 4-6
  • Level III Advanced:      Ages 6-8
  • Pros:  Ages: 8-12

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We are Bilingual

Our sessions are taught in English. But they can also be taught in French upon request. Email us at: Info@soccerkickers.com

For the French Sessions:

  • No French is required.
  • A desire for your children to speak French and our coaches will teach your children basic soccer skills in the French language through fun games.

"One of the most efficient ways to learn a new language is through sports especially soccer."  Coach Gregory

To make sure every single child participating at Soccer Kickers is learning and having fun, we group them by ages, level, and skills.