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Cole East Academy Registration

Children must attend the school to participate

Private Lesson is available : email us info@soccerkickers.com

"My daughter, Kendalyn Grace, has been enjoying the gift of learning the fundamentals of soccer in the most fun way from Coach Gregory Louis, his beautiful wife, Coach Godelievre Louis and their team of coaches. In addition to their international experiences and Coach Gregory's experience playing soccer professionally, they provide a loving and fun soccer experience to our children throughout the community. They make sure every child experiences far more than just "learning to play soccer". As I witness firsthand, the faces of excited children (ages 2-6) and proud parents, on Saturday mornings, it blesses my heart. I just wanted to share this with you as another beautiful story that's unfolding here in the Lansing area, benefiting our children and families. #SoccerKickers" Sonji

"My daughter is a special needs child and at times she found it difficult to engage and participate with the other kids, but Coach Gregory was great at reaching out to her, getting her to run alongside him, kick the ball, and even score a goal! She was so proud of herself and I am very grateful to Coach Gregory for getting her to participate. He is such a great and involved coach and is very passionate about making sure each child has a good time. Thanks Coach Gregory!" Soccer Kickers parent.