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Soccer Kickers is gaining the reputation as one of the best soccer programs in Ingham county. We created a soccer program that is tailored to a child’s developmental stage. The program teaches each child not only soccer skills, but it also includes comprehensive  lessons that promote confidence, social engagement, and a healthy and active lifestyle, while having fun.

We are able to offer this program in schools, churches, daycares, and parks. No soccer field required.
We came up with this program because we understand children need opportunities to learn and to engage in meaningful play activities that will set them up for success. Our curriculum is designed to help children be successful in and out of school.

In addition, Soccer Kickers follows both NAEYC (National Association for the Education
of Young Children) and DAP (Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice)
Our classes are taught by a former professional soccer player and some wonderful coaches in a caring, safe, and fun environment to help children improve
their social skills, motors skills, and most importantly have fun. To make sure that
every child is learning and having fun we divide them by age and skill level (Ages: 2-3),
(Ages: 4-6), (Ages: 6-8), (Ages 8-12). We provide all the equipment necessary
such as jerseys, training vests, soccer balls and goals etc…

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  •  At a park or community location, you can make this happen by forming a group of 5 or more children.
  •  To help facilitate bringing Soccer Kickers to your child’s school, please contact us to see how we can work together towards this goal.


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