Delta Spring 2023

                          Read the information below before you register:

  • Check the schedule and write down the start date. If you haven’t received an email or text from us 2 weeks before we start, please reach out to us:  
  • Due to the amount of kids we have every season, we won’t be able to accommodate any specific requests regarding children being on the same team.
  • Please pick your child’s size. In parentheses we have suggested ages for the different sizes. You know your child best and if they are a bigger 2 year old or a smaller 8 year old etc. Unfortunately we won’t be able to exchange sizes. The size you pick will be what you’ll receive for all items you order (uniforms, jerseys, socks, shorts, tracksuits..). If you have any questions let us know!
  • Please make sure when you fill out your registration you DOUBLE CHECK the information is correct before submitting including your child’s name, your CELL PHONE number, your email, for returnees your child’s CURRENT UNIFORM COLOR and all other information requested because the information you provide to us is what’s downloaded into our system and what we use to contact you and create teams.
  • Note that you have to pay for an ANNUAL registration fee each year that you are with us that will come with a jersey for practice. If you need a jersey before the next annual registration fee then you can purchase it in our store.
  • If you proceed with filling out this registration it means you agree to all the terms above.

04/14- 06/02 9 WEEKS SESSION

The spring season starts April 14 and ends June 9 2023. We will have an additional bonus game and 1 event.