Free Mask

We have one of the best face masks. Our face mask is an athletic face mask that is made especially for athletes or people who love to move around during the day. Our athletic masks are really soft and can cover your entire nose, mouth and chin, but thin enough to make breathing in it comfortable.
  • We recommend that our 2-3 yr old kickers wear XS or Small. Ages: 4-6 to wear small or medium. Ages: 7-9 to wear medium or large. Adults sizes are available for purchase to match your little one ( Large and XL) Our Daughter Sarah Rose is 6 years old and both small and medium fit her. She prefers small.Coach Gregory Louis wears a Large.
    Please consider making a small donation if possible. Your donation will help us buy more masks for our current and future kickers. Note: you helping us buy more masks will help not only our kickers but our community! Together we can help defeat COVID.
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