Coaches Curriculum

Fun Warm up and Games. Day 1

Day 1 Curriculum for ages 2-6

Week 7 Curriculum


45 minutes for the 4-9 year olds

35 minutes for the 2-3 year olds


Go over the rules in soccer                                                                                                                1 minute

  • Rule #1 we listen to the________?? (Coach)
  • Rule #2 we play all the fun_____?? (Games)
  • Rule #3 we score______?? (GOALS!!!!!! Are you guys sure y’all are awake?? What do we score?? GOALS!!)


Stretching: tickle our toes, reach for the sky, rainbow to the right and to the left               2 minutes

 Warm Up:

  • Week 7: Near/Far

Put soccer balls or cones or a coach away from the kids and they’ll have to practice their listening. Near will be towards the cones/soccer ball and far will be back to “base/home”. Try to trick them and say “near near, far far, near far etc”

Water break


Review old skills

  • week 7:
  • 2-3 year olds: Review dribbling by going fast like a lion/cheetah etc then practicing going slow like turtle or snails etc…
    • Ask different kids their favorite animals and ask
      • “Do they go slow or fast?” What sound do they make? Okay let’s go “fast like a kitty and meow”

4-6 year olds: play mr. fox with the soccer ball. The kickers ask the coaches “mr/ms fox/ all the foxes, all the foxes what time is it?” Coaches say “it is 4 o’clock” and the kickers have to kick the soccer ball 4 times. At some point when the coaches say “it’s dinner time” the kickers have to show a pullback move and run back to “home/safety.”


Learn new skill:

  • Week 7:
  • 2-3 year olds: no new skills for 2-3 year olds just spend the time reviewing old skill or transitioning to the game section.
  • 4-6 year olds: learn scissor’s move

Incorporate new skill into a game   

  • Week 7:
  • 2-3 year olds: kickers dribble soccer balls and coaches try to grab them to eat the “yummy cookies” and they can kick the cookies through coaches legs to escape or can show a pullback away from coach. If coaches grab their soccer balls they should practice saying “please” to get them back and “thank you.”
    • 4-6 year olds: practice Scissors move by making coaches fall with Cookie Monster game.
      • Who wants to know how to make the coaches fall?
      • Okay to make the coaches fall you will show the scissors move
      • coaches attempt to grab the cookies/kick it out from the kickers while the kickers try to run away with ball. If coach gets really close then the kicker can show a scissors move to make the coach fall. If coaches grab their soccer balls they should practice saying “please” to get them back and “thank you.”
      • Water break


Scoring goals  

2-3 year olds: Normal goal scoring

4-6 year olds: can have a coach in the middle trying to “steal” their soccer ball as they head to score a goal and they can show the scissors move to escape (while the coach falls) and kickers go score.                                                                                                                                                                


Scrimmage                                                                                                                                                                       10 minutes

If time can do fitness:squats, high knees, running, etc relay race


  • Soccer Kickers cheer: Have fun with this have them practice counting 1-3 or to 5 for the babies 2-3 but for the 4-6 year olds 1-10 or else by 5s until 20 etc….



AGES 4-6

AGES 2-3