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Mental Training

Mental Training

Mental training in soccer is an essential aspect of player development and performance enhancement. A player’s mindset, focus, confidence, and ability to handle pressure can significantly impact their performance on the field. Here are some key components of mental training in soccer:

1. Visualization:
Imagery: Players mentally rehearse their actions, envisioning themselves successfully executing skills, scoring goals, or making effective plays.
Positive Visualization: Visualizing positive outcomes helps build confidence and can improve actual on-field performance.
2. Goal Setting:
Short-term and Long-term Goals: Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals helps players stay motivated and focused.
Process-oriented Goals: Focusing on aspects of the game a player can control, like improving dribbling skills, rather than solely on outcome-based goals.
3. Focus and Concentration:
Mindfulness: Teaching players to be present in the moment, improving concentration during matches and practices.
Routines: Developing pre-shot or pre-game routines can help players stay focused and calm under pressure.
4. Confidence Building:
Positive Self-talk: Encouraging players to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations can boost self-confidence.
Mistake Management: Teaching players how to cope with mistakes constructively, learning from them rather than dwelling on failures.
5. Managing Pressure:
Breathing Techniques: Deep breathing exercises can help players relax and manage anxiety during high-pressure situations.
Pressure Simulations: Creating pressure situations in practice scenarios helps players acclimatize to real-game pressure.
6. Team Building:
Communication Skills: Developing strong communication skills fosters teamwork and mutual understanding among players.
Trust Exercises: Building trust among team members can enhance team cohesion and performance.
7. Emotional Control:
Anger and Frustration Management: Teaching players how to channel negative emotions into positive energy or motivation.
Resilience: Developing mental toughness to bounce back from setbacks and stay motivated despite challenges.
8. Rest and Recovery:
Sleep and Relaxation: Emphasizing the importance of adequate sleep and relaxation for mental and physical recovery.
Balancing Life and Soccer: Encouraging players to maintain a balance between their soccer commitments and personal life to prevent burnout.

We will meet every Friday on zoom from 6:30 PM – 7 PM. Other days are available . Email for more info.

Soccer Kickers Academy’s commitment to your athlete

  •  Giving the players the ability to read the game and improve soccer IQ.
  • Monthly updates from coaches and goal setting specific to the players.
  • Confidence building surrounding adversities, trials, and low spots
  • Recognition for positive outcomes, progress, and goal setting
  • Well balanced, confidence building through soccer
  • Focusing on technical and tactical drills.
Mental Training

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Coming soon!

Gregory Louis - Head Coach

Marquis DeLong - Conditioning Coach

Farai Mutatu - Mentor




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